Maine Healthcare Association

The Maine Health Care Association is a statewide association of providers of services to Maine’s older and disabled populations. MHCA represents more than 300 adult day service providers, assisted living/residential care facilities, home health service providers, independent living/congregate housing providers, nursing facilities, rehabilitation and skilled nursing providers, and other organizations and individuals who provide housing, health care and supportive services to more than 10,000 Maine residents.

Sandy River Company believes strongly in the need of providers to come together in a common vision to promote and advance the delivery of high quality health care, housing and supportive services to meet the needs of Maine’s older and disabled populations. As an active member of MHCA, principals and past colleagues of Sandy River Company have often been involved as Board members and served on various committees and working groups representing providers in Maine. Michael Tyler, past President of MHCA, continues to serve on the Board of Directors.